Land Development 

ChanceryGreen has extensive experience of development projects. Our partners have been involved in a wide range of commercial and residential developments dating back to 1998. We have been the sole or lead counsel on leading projects such as the Omaha South residential coastal subdivision, Todd Property's Napier Hill, Te Arai, and multiple Manson TCLM Ltd residential and commercial developments. In addition, we currently act on a significant greenfield subdivision at Beachlands, Auckland.

We are experienced with all aspects of development and are often brought in at early stages to provide strategic direction and oversight. As such, we are familiar working with a variety of expert consultants and part of a project team.

Our experience also extends to council-initiated and private plan changes, infrastructural agreements, Special Housing Areas, Urban Development Agreements, greenfield and brownfield developments, apartment complexes, and commercial development.

For further information on how we might assist you in relation to resource management aspects of a land development project, please contact us.