ChanceryGreen offers a ‘one stop service’ assisting clients to obtain their alcohol licences. Our clients operate a diverse range of licensed premises from casinos, theatres, restaurants, taverns, and luxury boats to grocery stores and remote sellers. We act for licensees throughout New Zealand.

We advise on all aspects of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, from preparing licence applications to appearing before District Licensing Committees, the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority, and the High Court on appeal. Our extensive experience dealing with District Licensing Committees and related authorities (such as NZ Police, Inspectors and Public Health), means we liaise closely with the reporting agencies aiming for a positive outcome for our clients. Where licensees or managers face prosecution or suspension, we negotiate for acceptable outcomes.  Jason Welsh was a member of the Auckland District Licensing Committee so he knows how they operate and what they are looking for in applications and evidence.

We also appear before councils in respect of their Local Alcohol Policies. Our submissions resulted in a number of significant amendments to the draft Auckland LAP. We provide alcohol licensing advice and ongoing Licence Controller Qualification training to the country's largest entertainment and hospitality provider.

Our advice is strategic and aims to secure the most effective licensing arrangements for a variety of industry sectors including:

  • Preparing all types of licence applications, renewals and variations
  • Obtaining planning and Building Act certificates, and street trading licences
  • Preparing and obtaining special licences and temporary authorities
  • Appearing before DLCs and the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority
  • High Court appeals
  • Defending in prosecutions or suspensions

For assistance with alcohol licensing issues, please contact Jason Welsh.