Climate Change Update


It is less than a week before the new NZ Emissions Trading Register will come into effect. For those actively trading their NZUs, it is important to note that the current registry closes from midday on 25 August 2016.  If you are an account holder in the old registry you can expect to receive a migration code by mid-September. If you were a Primary Representative you will automatically become an Account Operator, and if you were an Emissions Reporter you will become an ETS Reporter. To log onto the new website users will require a Government RealMe log-on (although this does not have to have been fully verified).

The new Register will allow authorised users to do more administration for themselves. This includes adding and removing Account Operators, and creating workflows and tasks to deliver annual emissions returns and applications for industrial allocations. The new registry will be supported by user guides and the EPA website will also contain a section on frequently asked questions.

The deadlines for emissions activities set under the Climate Change Response Act 2002 are not changing. This means that changes to and new Unique Emissions Factors are due by 31 January, Annual Emissions returns by 31 March, industrial allocation applications by 30 April, and surrenders occur by 31 May.

Please contact Karen Price for more specific advice.

Posted on August 25, 2016 .